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5 Items To Take With You For Your Consultation With A Lawyer After You Are Hurt In A Car Accident

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After making an appointment for a consultation with an attorney after being hurt in a car accident, you may wonder what information you should gather before the meeting. If so, below is a list of five items that you should take with you for your initial meeting with a lawyer after suffering injuries during an automobile collision. 

Insurance Information

Once you have been hurt in an automobile accident, your health insurance most likely will not cover any of your medical expenses. Instead, this coverage will fall to either your insurance company or under the other driver's policy after a settlement has been reached.

When you go to your meeting with the lawyer, bring a complete copy of your insurance policy. Make sure you include the declaration page that lists the types of coverage you currently have and the maximum amount allowed.

Also, bring the information the other driver gave you after the accident so the attorney has their company and policy numbers. If you were unable to retrieve this information because of your injuries, it should be included in the police report of the accident.

Copies of Any Medical Reports 

Under the HIPAA laws, you have the right to access and request copies of any of your medical records. These records can give the attorney an overview of your injuries, as well as any treatment plans the doctors recommend that may be covered under your or the other driver's insurance policy.

A few days before your consultation, contact the hospital and any medical professionals who have treated you for any injuries you suffered during the accident. Request a complete copy of your medical records, including any doctor's notes and prognosis reports.

Police Report of the Accident

At the scene of the accident, the police will write down the events, weather, and witnesses who saw the accident. They will also take statements from you and the other driver as to what caused the accident to determine who was at fault, as well as any auto insurance information.

Because this is the only official record of the accident, it is imperative that you get a copy of the report so you can take it to the attorney. They can compare all statements with the medical reports to start building your personal injury case.

Your Details about the Accident

Even though you have the police report, you also want to give detailed information about the accident from your point of view. Before the consultation, write down everything you remember. Include what you were doing before the accident, as well as what you remember about how it occurred.  

Along with written details of the accident, bring in a list of witnesses who can attest to the facts in your description. Although there may be some witness statements in the police report, they may not have had a chance to speak with everyone. 


Photographs are other items that can help support your personal injury claim and help the lawyer present and possibly win your case. Since these pieces of evidence show the extent of the damage, they add credibility to your statements.

Bring with you photos of the damage to your car, as well as of the injuries you sustained. Take the pictures as soon as possible after the accident to show the full nature of your injuries.

Taking the above items with you for your initial consultation can give the attorney a clear picture of what happened during and after the auto accident. Before your initial meeting with the personal injury lawyer, contact the office to see whether or not they may require additional information so you can be fully prepared to give the attorney what they need to examine your case.