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Why You Are Like Likely To Scar More Than The Next Person

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If you have been hurt in an accident, you should be compensated for all damages you have suffered as a result of the defendant's actions. This includes even the scars that you didn't have before your accident injuries. Note that some people scar more easily than others, so you should be prepared to include it in your claim if you have the risk factors associated with scarring. For example, you are likely to scar if:

You Didn't Take Care of Your Wound Properly

Proper wound care is necessary for preventing scarring. Taking care of your wound helps in three main ways. First, it accelerates the healing process, and fast healing results in less scarring. Secondly, taking care of your wound prevents infections; infections can increase the size of the wound and the likelihood of scarring. Lastly, if you don't take care of your wound, you may re-injure it; this may increase the depth of the wound and your risk of scaring. Therefore, take care of your wound as advised by the physician to lower your risk of scarring.

You Are Not Eating Well

You may also experience more scarring if you aren't eating as well as you should; nutrition affects scarring. Your body tissues need adequate nutrients to regenerate and stay healthy; deny your body those nutrients are you are on the path to scarring. Luckily, this is something you have control over; just eat well (ask your doctor for more tips) to reduce your risk of scarring.

You Are Not Young

Young injury victims are less likely to scar than their older counterparts. This is because their tissues regenerate at a faster and better rate compared to older injury victims and their wounds also heal faster. The faster a wound heals the less likely it is to scar. Therefore, expect to scar if you have a serious tissue injury and you are middle aged. Of course, you can't change your age to prevent scarring; focus on other issues that you can change.

You Have "Bad" Genes

Some people are more predisposed to scarring than others. For example, African-Americans tend to scar more easily than Caucasians. Even within these major demographics, there are individuals who scar more easily than others. Unfortunately, just like your age, you don't have control over your genes, so you have to deal with your scarring in other ways without targeting your genes.

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