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Avoiding Rollover Accidents With Tanker Trucks: What Car Drivers Need To Know

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Getting into a rollover accident in a tanker truck is a terrifying prospect. The injuries and damage can be catastrophic. These accidents can even result in fatalities in not only the driver of the truck but also in those driving in the immediate area. In many cases, rollover accidents are the result of driver error. It is important that all car drivers know how to be proactive when driving to avoid getting into an accident with a tanker. The following are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

Do Not Move Suddenly

The truck driver is not driving a traditionally sized automobile. He or she is operating a huge tanker truck that weighs many tons. Therefore, the driver will not be able to make any sudden movements. Sudden movements are among the top reasons for rollover accidents.

If you dart around a tanker truck or suddenly come to a stop in front of one, you are risking a major accident as the truck cannot stop or make lane changes as quickly as an automobile.

Know Your Route and Plan Accordingly

If you have a planned route, you need to take time to identify any potential hazards or problematic areas where an accident could occur. Examples include major curves in the roadway, steep hills, small lanes, and so on. All of these roadway components can contribute to an accident, especially with large trucks.

Plan your route with an alternative in mind if you begin to feel concerned that trucks driving around you are problematic. Once you get on the road and see the hazardous conditions yourself, you may decide that it is safer to go a different way, perhaps in an area where tanker trucks are not allowed.

Watch Your Braking Habits

If you want to avoid an accident with a tanker truck, you need to watch your speed. One of the biggest complaints of tanker truck drivers is the speed at which automobile drivers drive. Trucks cannot quickly slow down if you suddenly need to stop short. Tanker trucks are higher and narrower than automobiles and can very easily tip over if they have to brake suddenly.

Getting into a rollover accident with a tanker truck can be terrifying. Not only can the truck do damage, but it is also likely carrying hazardous cargo that can cause a catastrophic disaster. If you find yourself involved in a rollover accident with a tanker truck, you need to contact a semi truck accident lawyer right away, especially if you are at fault.