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Shopping Casualties? Potential Hazards To Avoid On Your Next Mall Trip

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Going to a local mall with your family and friends is a great way to spend a pleasant afternoon. In addition to finding some great bargains, you can enjoy a tasty lunch at one of the restaurants or the food court, indulge in some people-watching, and get plenty of exercise as you walk from store to store.

But going to the mall, or any retail store, can also have a darker side. If you are planning your next outing to the mall and want to ensure that it is a safe, happy experience, here are some potential hazards to avoid. 

In the parking lot

Catching a heel or toe on cracked, uneven pavement or asphalt can cause serious falls that result in debilitating sprains, fractures, or painful cuts and abrasions. While most retailers strive to maintain their parking areas to make them safer for their customers, some become lax and allow necessary pavement repairs to go undone.

If you decide to shop at such an establishment, make sure that you pay special attention when parking. If the parking lot is poorly lit or maintained, consider visiting another store or taking extra care to walk safely from your vehicle to the store and back. 

Should you become injured due to a parking lot accident caused by poor lighting or conditions, it is important that you immediately report the incident to the business owner and consider seeking legal action to cover any costs you may incur. 

Near the main entrance 

If the weather is inclement, with rain, snow, or ice, floor areas near the entrance can quickly become wet and slick due to wet shoes and dripping umbrellas and outerwear. Diligent business owners understand the potential risk wet floors can present to their customers and will make sure that warning signs are posted and maintenance workers are actively working to improve the floor conditions. 

Shoppers who do have the misfortune of incurring a slip and fall injury when entering or exiting a business that has not taken proper steps to deal with melting snow or ice should always explore their potential for seeking reimbursement for their medical care, pain and suffering, and loss of income by contacting a personal injury attorney. 

Around other shoppers

Being jostled by excited crowds can lead to an increased risk of being groped, mugged, or having your purse or wallet stolen. While most malls and retail stores use some type of security system to help prevent this type of crime from occurring, some do not.

If you have endured a loss or some type of physical assault or injury due to a crowd situation at a mall or retail store, speaking to a personal injury attorney will help you understand your rights and options under the law. For more help, contact an attorney like Keith E Zaid Attorney At Law today.