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Workers' Compensation Lawyers Help Clients Obtain Benefits For Mental Health Issues

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When an employee is involved in a traumatic accident at the workplace, this person may suffer from adverse psychological effects for a long time. Even when the employee is considered physically able to return to the job, overwhelming anxiety and panic attacks can make this impossible. A workers' compensation lawyer can help if an insurer stops paying weekly benefits because the adjusters expect the claimant to go back to work. 

Heightened PTSD Risk

Long-term psychological trauma can happen to a job accident victim, but it is even more likely when viewing a co-worker being seriously injured. Someone who suffered severe injuries and also saw another employee experience something similar is at heightened risk of post-traumatic stress disorder. This is particularly likely when one person is essentially responsible for the accident. 

The situation also can be particularly traumatizing if the other seriously injured worker is a relative or good friend. 

The Issue of Responsibility

Workers' compensation benefits are supposed to be paid even when an employee has caused the incident. For example, this person might have tried to fix a machine without shutting it down first in an attempt to save time. That could cause serious harm not only to that employee but to anyone else in the vicinity. An attorney may be required if a workers' comp insurer tries denying benefits for this reason.

Managing PTSD Symptoms

After the workers recover from physical injuries and a doctor verifies they are able to return to work, being at the job site may be nerve-wracking. Some people might experience flashbacks of the incident and develop unpredictable panic attacks. Going to work becomes an ordeal, but the person needs the income.

Effectively managing PTSD symptoms can be accomplished with the help of a psychologist or psychiatrist. A workers' compensation lawyer convinces the insurer to continue providing weekly benefits until the claimant is mentally healthy again. The system should also pay for the counseling sessions and any medication the practitioner decides would be valuable.

Important Considerations

Mental health issues connected with a workplace accident should not be ignored by the employer or the workers' comp benefit insurer. A psychologist or psychiatrist who evaluates the employee can confirm that witnessing a horrifying incident is having long-term debilitating psychological effects. A workers' comp lawyer may be necessary to make sure employees continue receiving weekly payments until they are well enough to return to work full time.