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Work-Related Injuries: Some Of The Most Severe Accidents In Construction Sites

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The introduction of modern equipment has made construction easier and less time-consuming. But unfortunately, some of these machines expose workers to the danger of getting injured. Besides, some employers do not train their employees to operate different construction appliances and equipment. Additionally, some contractors fail to provide their workers with protective gear in hazardous environments, putting them at risk of getting injured. Luckily, you can seek compensation for construction site injuries with the help of a work-related accident lawyer. Here are some of the injuries eligible for compensation.

Head Injuries

Every worker should wear a hard hat when working on hazardous construction sites. It is also advisable for a construction manager to hold regular safety meetings with their employees. In these meetings, a contractor alerts their workers of the dangers of falling objects and the protection measures to take. Unfortunately, this does not happen on some sites. As a result, workers sustain severe head injuries when tools, materials, and objects fall accidentally. Some workers also injure their heads when digging trenches. 

Spinal Cord Injuries

Essentially, employers should provide workers with the needed equipment when working on elevated areas or buildings. That includes ladders to help them access the highest point of the building. Workers should also wear special shoes to prevent accidents that result from sliding when climbing up the ladder. But you can accidentally fall if the ladder is weak. When that happens, you may sustain severe spinal cord injuries. Sometimes, such an injury can lead to paralysis, brain damage, or permanent disability.

Cuts and Tears

Construction equipment and poorly stored tools can cause deep skin cuts and tears that lead to excessive bleeding. In addition, open wounds also put workers at risk of contracting diseases caused by infections. For this reason, it's recommended that construction workers wear protective clothing covering the whole body.

Fractures and Broken Bones

Falls from high heights also cause fractures and broken bones that can affect an employee's working ability for months or years. Workers also sustain these injuries in collisions or after being hit by heavy falling objects. The ideal way to prevent this accident is by remaining vigilant when working on a construction site.

The construction site injuries discussed above require a significant amount of your money to treat. Besides, they can make you miss work for several months or years as you heal. Luckily, you can recover all the money you've spent on treatment and lost wages by suing your employer. However, it is good to enlist the services of a work-related accident lawyer in this endeavor.  

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