pediatric drug allergies and the failure to acknowledge them

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Suing A Pet Owner For Damages After Swerving To Avoid The Pet

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Pets, particularly dogs (though cats aren’t exactly innocent), often like to run around, and that sometimes leads them into the street. If your motorcycle is headed down that street at the same time, though, you can end up in an accident that leaves the pet safe but you in a mess. You would think the pet owner would be liable for your injuries, but not necessarily. Restraint Courts are going to look at whether the animal was properly restrained. Read More»

Can Your Social Security Payment Substitute For A Salary?

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The Social Security Administration (SSA) provides people who cannot work at their jobs with a valuable benefit. If you are able to qualify based on the stringent medical condition requirements and other criteria, you may be able to earn monthly Social Security Disability monetary payments. Many applicants are curious about how much they can expect to receive, so read on to learn more about the dollars and cents aspect of Social Security Disability. Read More»

3 Tips For Getting Workers' Compensation

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The last thing you may want to face is getting hurt at work. However, this does happen to millions of employees on a daily basis. The key to getting past this challenging time in life may rest on the actions you take immediately following your injury. The ideal way to recover financially from an incident as serious as this one will rest in being able to receive workers’ compensation. However, this is a process that will require you to qualify for this money. Read More»